Review: The Great Chocoplot by Chris Callaghan

The end of the world is a common theme in books, films, and TV. Zombie outbreaks. Alien invasions. Meteor strikes. Virus epidemics. Nuclear war. But in The Great Chocoplot, Chris Callaghan has come up with the most chilling apocalypse yet: the end of chocolate. Jelly (real name Jennifer, but if your name’s Jennifer Wellington you’re… Read More

Review: Hell’s Belles (The D’Evil Diaries 2) by Tatum Flynn

Hell’s Belles is the sequel to The D’Evil Diaries, which I reviewed last year and thoroughly enjoyed. Fans of the original will be glad to know that Hell’s Belles is more of the same, with an extra twist – this time, the main character is Tommy, the only human child in the underworld, and Jinx’s… Read More

The Superpower Project

Review: The Superpower Project by Paul Bristow

Superheroes are most definitely “in” right now. You just have to look at the schedule for Marvel films over the next few years, the forthcoming Justice League films starting with┬áBatman v Superman, the succession of TV series from Gotham to Flash to Agent Carter… Yep, superheroes are popular. It’s not just films and TV (taking… Read More