John K. Fulton

John K. Fulton has written Scottish historical children’s books and, as J.K. Fulton, sci-fi short stories.

The Wreck of the Argyll is a First World War children’s spy adventure set in Dundee in 1915, and won the Great War Dundee Children’s Book Prize Competition in March 2015. It was originally published by Cargo Publishing in September 2015, and reissued by Cranachan in February 2018.

The Beast on the Broch is a children’s adventure set in Pictish times, featuring Picts, Dalriadans, Vikings, and the mythical Pictish Beast. It was published by Cranachan in September 2016.

The Beast on the Broch cover

Under the Mountain and other stories is a collection of eight sci-fi and fantasy short stories, illustrated by Anh Diep. From ancient Camulodunum to the far future; from intelligent kitchen appliances to deadly computer games; from the future of medicine to the future of humanity itself…

Under the Mountain cover