Uncharted Constellations

Uncharted Constellations cover

I’m delighted that two of my sci-fi short stories are now available in the Uncharted Constellations anthology from Space Cat Press.

Here’s a description of the anthology:

In this space-themed anthology, twenty writers take the last Space Race as a launch pad to propel us far into the future. Uncharted Constellations crosses genres from dark science-fiction to lyrical poetry, via twists of flash fiction and fragments of memoir. And between the strangeness of space and the loneliness of long-distance missions, you will find the human heart refracted in a myriad of ways.

My stories are:

  • Scattered Across the Stars – a meteorite exerts a fascination over successive generations of scientists, leading them towards… something out there.
  • Always Carry a Spare – when travelling between the stars, to keep your ship in operating condition, make sure you RTFM, follow the correct procedures, and always, always carry a spare.

The anthology is currently available as an ebook (in both epub and mobi format) from the Space Cat website, and for the first week (until 18th September 2020) is discounted to £1.

Paperbacks are currently on hold due to the ongoing global pandemic making face-to-face physical sales slightly problematic at the moment.

The anthology launch will be on Sunday 13th September 2020, between 4pm and 5pm, on the Space Cat Press YouTube channel, which also features a variety of readings from the anthology. (Not me, though. You’re spared that particular horror.)

You can read about some of the inspiration for my stories on the Space Cat Blog though. Let me transport you through space and time to Edinburgh, 1978, and a tale of the Moon, Mars, and meteorites